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Voices: Deportation policy could define Obama legacy


Everywhere you turn, President Obama is getting beaten up over immigration. You saw it this week outside the White House, when undocumented immigrants picketed to demand Obama listen to their views as he finalizes a highly anticipated overhaul of the nation's deportation system. You saw it on the Senate floor, when Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., said that the upcoming overhaul would become "a permanent stain on your presidency" that will undermine "the constitutional structure of our public."

House G.O.P. Plan on Border Crisis Is Well Short of What Obama Seeks

July 29, 2014 - NEW YORK TIMES

House Republicans on Tuesday unveiled their plan to stem the surge of undocumented child migrants from Central America at the southern border, proposing to spend $659 million — well short of the $3.7 billion President Obama seeks — to ease the humanitarian crisis after weeks of internal divisions and just days before Congress adjourns for its five-week August break. The legislation, on which Republicans hope to hold a vote on Thursday, comes in response to Mr. Obama’s request this month for emergency supplemental funds to address the situation at the border, and it would also allocate far less than the Senate Democrats’ $2.7 billion plan.

Borderline Behavior

July 15, 2014 - POLITICO

They couldn’t be further apart in their politics but Glenn Beck, Rick Perry and Jose Antonio Vargas are all doing the same thing: sharing the spotlight with the border crisis.

Border crisis scrambling the politics of immigration policy

July 12, 2014 - WASHINGTON POST

Until now, the politics of immigration have been seen as a no-lose proposition for President Obama and the Democrats. If they could get a comprehensive overhaul passed, they would win. And if Republicans blocked it, the GOP would further alienate crucial Hispanic and moderate voters.

Comprehensive immigration reform not likely in 2014


The surge of unaccompanied children crossing the U.S. border has refocused attention on immigration. But that's apparently not going to translate into action on comprehensive immigration reform in the Republican-led House of Representatives.

Alexander calls for sending National Guard to Mexican border


– Sen. Lamar Alexander said Thursday that President Barack Obama still lacks a “serious plan” for addressing the border crossings by Central American children and should consider calling out the National Guard. Alexander, a Republican running for re-election, said a meaningful plan would propose securing the Rio Grande River sector of the U.S. border with Mexico, sending children home safely and changing a 2008 law regarded as interfering with a solution.

Obama Balances Politics With Border Crisis


As unaccompanied minors rush across the southern border, President Barack Obama is struggling to balance political expectations, enforce existing laws and halt a growing humanitarian crisis. The Obama administration has faced increased headwinds from Capitol Hill Republicans that it is not doing enough to stem the tide of young migrants pouring across the border – a number that is expected to topple 90,000 by October. This week, the political stakes are expected to rise when the administration asks Congress to allocate $2 billion to combat the crisis – a request Congress may not oblige.

Amid Border Crisis, Advocates Talk Next Steps On Immigration

July 07, 2014 - NBC News

Last fall, immigration advocates placed themselves under and in front of buses to stop them from shuttling immigrants to deportation hearings. Last week, Southern California protesters blocked buses carrying migrants who recently arrived in the country and were on their way to be processed.

Child migrants to US likely to be deported

July 07, 2014 - FINANCIAL TIMES

Most of the child migrants from Central America surging to the US’s southern border are likely to be deported, the White House said on Monday, as it stressed President Barack Obama’s commitment to enforcing immigration laws. In the Obama administration’s most pointed comments yet on the migrant influx, Josh Earnest, its chief spokesman, said that “most” of the children would be returned home.

Obama says he will overhaul immigration without Congress’ help

June 30, 2014 - LOS ANGELES TIMES

President Obama, saying he’s convinced that House Republicans will not take action to reform immigration laws this year, vowed Monday to use his executive authority to “fix as much of our immigration system as I can on my own, without Congress.”. Obama set an end-of-summer deadline for officials to give him options for changes he can implement on his own and promised he would “adopt those recommendations without further delay.”

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